I make sound for games.

I’ve been composing music, designing sounds, and even writing code for the past 16 years. With nearly 80 shipped retail titles to my credit, you can feel confident that I’ll deliver the audio you want on schedule and on budget.

Check out some demos of my work below, or check out my full Gameography.


Sound Design

I can get you the best sound out of that tiny mobile speaker, or create room-shaking destruction for those 5.1 console games you’re developing.


Orchestral, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Electronica, Retro — I've composed in a large variety of musical styles under all sorts of technical restraints. If I haven’t written in the style you’re looking for, I can find someone who has.

Tech & Implementation

In addition to industry standards such as Wwise, FMOD, and Fabric; I also have lots of experience with custom engines and tools. I’ve even written some audio engines and toolsets myself. Whatever your technical hurdle, I'm confident I can help you.

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